Learn about life insurance

Unlike a car policy where typically you only have two main options to choose from (comprehensive or third party), life insurance can be broken down into a number of different types. You also need to know how much cover you need and how long you want to be covered for. It might feel like a mindfield but we're here to help.

Different types of life insurance

Did you know that there are at least 12 different types of life insurance?

The basics

  • What exactly is life insurance?

    Learn what life insurance actually is and why you should have it. We all start somewhere, and where better than here?

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  • Life insurance vs life assurance

    They may sound like very similar words and you'll see them on other websites. Make sure you know the differences.

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  • How do I choose a life insurance provider?

    You might think that this is the point where we just say "get a quote from ChooseMonkey!" but we're better than that.

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  • How much cover do I need?

    £10,000? £100,000? £500,000? If it all seems a little confusing then let us explain it for you. Bigger isn't always better.

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  • How long should my policy be?

    Like any insurance policy, you're looking at weighing up risk vs the reward. Discover what you need to look for.

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  • How do I know which type of life insurance is right for me?

    Straight-forward life insurance or mortgage protection or critical illness? Where do you start? Here, of course.

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A little more specific

  • Single vs joint life insurance

    It might be more cost effective to have a joint life insurance policy with your partner but there are things to consider first.

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  • What is critical illness cover?

    This insurance can pay out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. But should you take it?

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  • What is terminal illness cover?

    Perhaps not the happiest thing to think about but it should be considered when planning your family's finances.

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  • What are the differences between a decreasing term policy and a level term?

    We know, we know, why can't life insurance just be "life insurance"? There are good reasons, honest!

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  • Should I get extra life insurance if I already have it through my employer?

    It depends on how comprensive that cover is. You might want a second policy to boost the overall value.

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  • What are guaranteed premiums?

    This is usually considered to be a safe type of policy and is also known as guaranteed issue life insurance.

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  • What does "putting a policy in trust" mean?

    Forming a financial trust certainly has its benefits but are there any disadvantages to watch out for?

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  • Is a life insurance payout taxable?

    No. Yes. Maybe. Kind of. Um, what? Why is tax always confusing? Let's see if we can clear it up for you.

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Medical questions

  • Will I need a medical examination?

    It depends on your individual circumstances. But if you do, it's nothing to fear and can be considered to be routine.

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  • I'm a smoker, can I still get life insurance?

    Yes but certain policies may cost more. It's worth getting a quote - it's completely free to do so.

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  • I have diabetes, can I still get life insurance?

    You have to mention this when you're receiving a quote but yes, you can still get life insurance cover. Excellent.

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