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How long should my policy be?

Some factors you may need to take into account before you decide on the length of your term insurance policy are why you need life insurance in the first place. Is it to cover the cost of a mortgage? If so, then you would need to take out the policy for the term of your mortgage. You need to also keep in mind that the older you are, the higher the premiums, so going in for life insurance when you are younger will be advisable.

Really it comes down to what or who you're really trying to protect. If you have young children (or even older) then you might want to think about when you expect them to be financially independent and not rely on you any more and therefore to cover for the period up until that time.

Also, it is possible to add on another policy to cover your family's costs and funeral bills.

Finally, the length of your life term insurance policy should be determined by your needs and by your budget.

How to choose

You can select the length of your ideal life insurance quote and also the maximum value of the policy. Use the sliders and then continue to get a free quote.

Length of life insurance

For how many years do you think your family will need to rely on you financially and in how many years will they be able to be financially independent? Some people like to choose a policy that takes them to when the children turn 21, for example.




You have selected 20 year


Maximum value of life insurance

There really isn't a definitive answer for this question but try to factor in the value of your mortgage that needs paying off, a few years of your salary and the values of any debts that will need paying.


MIN £5000

MAX £500,000

You have selected ?10000


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