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How much cover do I need?

Life insurance is for your loved ones in case you were to suddenly die and the amount would depend on what they would need to carry on with and what your budgetary constraints are. When you take a life insurance policy, you need to specify the term or the number of years that you want it for. Most people would do this depending on the circumstances in the family – small children, mortgages to be paid, etc. The amount of cover would also be dictated by these factors.

You would need cover so that if you were to die, your family would get enough each month to carry on paying the bills. So the income from the sum that they get should be sufficient for them to carry on living without being stressed too much about their finances. This is why it is advisable to take a life insurance policy at a younger age and take it for a term up to which you feel that your children can stand on their own feet.

Most people would like an insurance cover that makes sure their family can live in comfort but this would also depend on your budget and the premiums that are needed to ensure an amount like that. Remember that the younger you are, the smaller the size of the premiums.

If you complete our fast and easy form (click the big buttons above next to Mr Monkey!), one of our independent financial advisers will be able to advise you further about the amount of cover that would be ideal for your circumstances. And guess what? It's completely free.

How much will I have to pay?

Some important factors which may increase or decrease the amount of premium which you would have to pay depend on the following factors:

  • Your age, weight, height, medical history and family health history
  • Do you or have you ever smoked?

You will also have to decide how much you need to cover but you can always use our easy life insurance calculator as a guide. Please remember that our trained and independent advisers are here to help you with all your questions and how to make an informed decision. Please complete our online form so that an adviser can contact you.

How to choose

You can select the length of your ideal life insurance quote and also the maximum value of the policy. Use the sliders and then continue to get a free quote.

Length of life insurance

For how many years do you think your family will need to rely on you financially and in how many years will they be able to be financially independent? Some people like to choose a policy that takes them to when the children turn 21, for example.




You have selected 20 year


Maximum value of life insurance

There really isn't a definitive answer for this question but try to factor in the value of your mortgage that needs paying off, a few years of your salary and the values of any debts that will need paying.


MIN £5000

MAX £500,000

You have selected ?10000


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