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I smoke, can I still get cover?

Insurance premiums are usually calculated based on a person's medical condition along with his or her lifestyle and habits. The healthier the person, the less he will usually have to pay as insurance premiums. Why is this? According to insurance companies, healthy people have a greater chance of having longer and healthier lives, making it possible for them to pay out more premiums. It is widely known that smoking can cause a number of health problems, including cancer of the mouth and lungs, breathing problems, lower life expectancy etc. Due to these reasons, people who smoke are considered to be at a greater risk of falling ill faster. By the calculations of insurance companies, this puts these people into a higher-paying premium category.

One mistake that a number of people make while signing up for insurance schemes is being dishonest when they fill up the forms. Many people are aware of the fact that they will need to pay higher premiums if they are smokers so they often tick the column which states 'does not smoke'. This especially happens when the person does not smoke on a regular basis and only picks up a cigarette occasionally. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. If you have to make a claim then your insurer will start an investigation. If you are then found to be a smoker your claim will be rejected.

Usually, a person is considered to have quit smoking if they do not touch a cigarette in the preceding 12 months, so you could always contact your insurer then to see if your premiums could be lowered.

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How to choose

You can select the length of your ideal life insurance quote and also the maximum value of the policy. Use the sliders and then continue to get a free quote.

Length of life insurance

For how many years do you think your family will need to rely on you financially and in how many years will they be able to be financially independent? Some people like to choose a policy that takes them to when the children turn 21, for example.




You have selected 20 year


Maximum value of life insurance

There really isn't a definitive answer for this question but try to factor in the value of your mortgage that needs paying off, a few years of your salary and the values of any debts that will need paying.


MIN £5000

MAX £500,000

You have selected ?10000


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