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I have life insurance through my employer but will this be enough?

The first step is to calculate how much insurance cover you or your family would need in case of any misfortune. We have an online insurance calculator available just for this. Once you roughly know how much insurance cover is needed, look at your insurance policy which is given to you by your employer. See how much cover you are likely to get from there. You can then decide how much more you need to put into insurance and it would help if you got expert advice. We have trained and independent advisers to help you with this. If you complete our online quick and easy form an adviser will contact you and answer all your questions.

You need to decide if this cover is enough to cover your mortgage and also assist your family if you were to die.

This means that in the future, whether you hold your current job or decide to go somewhere else, you still have complete control over your own insurance.

How to choose

You can select the length of your ideal life insurance quote and also the maximum value of the policy. Use the sliders and then continue to get a free quote.

Length of life insurance

For how many years do you think your family will need to rely on you financially and in how many years will they be able to be financially independent? Some people like to choose a policy that takes them to when the children turn 21, for example.




You have selected 20 year


Maximum value of life insurance

There really isn't a definitive answer for this question but try to factor in the value of your mortgage that needs paying off, a few years of your salary and the values of any debts that will need paying.


MIN £5000

MAX £500,000

You have selected ?10000


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