Life insurance cover calculator

If you're trying to get a life insurance quote and you're a little unsure about how long the policy should be or how much cover you need then worry out, our life insurance calculator is at hand.

It's basic but we hope that it helps you. Remember, this is general information and is not personal financial advice. It should never be used as financial advice. For help in the right direction you can speak to independent but friendly FCA-regulated advisers and they will give you a personal quote.


What is your salary?

Just a rough indicator. We won't save it, it is entirely anonymous.


How many years do you think you need cover for?




You have selected 20 year


Think when your family won't need to rely on you financially any more.


Do you have any debts? Loans, credit cards?

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Do you want funeral costs to be covered?

Yes No

An average funeral cost is £3,284. We'll add on £4000 to your estimate to cover this if you want.


The calculated value of the life insurance policy:

The potential duration of the life insurance policy:

These are potential starting parts for a life insurance quote. But it's best to do it properly and get a real life insurance quote. It only takes 30 seconds and you can get quotes from the biggest life insurance providers in the UK. And guess what? There's no obligation to take any of them!


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