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Why people buy life insurance

  • Don't want to leave their partner in difficult financial circumstances
  • Have dependents such as school-age children and want to provide for their future, eg childcare, university fees
  • Want to cover their mortgage and household expenses
  • Peace of mind knowing that their family will be able to continue with their current standard of living
  • According to the ABI's 2016 report, 97.3% of all claims are paid out successfully

Who is the cover for?

Fact: Children and young people are bereaved more often than people think. In 2015 23,600 parents died in the UK leaving 41,000 dependent children. That is one parent every 22 mins. - Childhood Bereavement Network - National Statistics


Type of cover

  • Life insurance

    Start with this if you don't need critical illness cover and just want to cover your life with a lump sum

  • Critical illness

    This form of protection pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness that is specified in the policy

  • Life insurance & critical illness

    Your family will get a lump sum if the worst should happen or if you develop a critical illness

  • I don't know, please advise me

    Don't worry, it really doesn't matter if you're unsure. Just complete the form and we'll do the rest!


How much cover do you need?


This is the sum of money to be paid out in the event of your death. Perhaps all debts and mortgages could be paid off and maybe think of maintaining a certain lifestyle for your family.


How long should the cover last for?


Try to think about how long your family will depend on you for and when will they be able to be financially independent. If you're not sure, you can get advice and more quotes at the end


I want my cover to:

A level term (stay the same) will pay out a fixed sum. A decreasing term reduces in value usually in line with mortgage repayments.

Nearly done

Almost there!


Why do we ask for this?

Life insurance isn't like an "off the shelf" policy like a car. Quote premiums vary depending on your age and whether you smoke.



Do you smoke?




Date of birth

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My partner


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To help find which policy is right for you, and to go through your options, you will receive a quick call, email or SMS from an independent and experienced life insurance adviser. Why do it all yourself?

Over 83,000 customers have trusted us and received free access to an independent adviser who will:

  • Help you work out how much cover you need
  • Use specialist knowledge to find the right policy
  • Compare offers from UK's leading insurance providers
  • Answer all your questions with expert knowledge
  • All advisers are authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • May have access to preferential rates vs going direct
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Compare UK life insurance providers, such as:

  • Aegon Logo
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  • AVIVA Logo
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  • Vitality Logo is a family owned UK operating business that enables customers to receive a free quote quickly and easily from some of the UK's biggest life insurance providers. We are pleased to say that over 83,000 people have already been happy to use our service. We are fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).